Company Background:

Wells & Water Systems, Inc.(WWS) is an established Florida Corporation which originally started business in sprinkler systems and pumps in the Southwest Florida Market. The company is expanding its business line to provide Southwest Florida with unsurpassed design and development of deep Particularly ASR wells. The company's principals, which are also the owner/operators, are Robert J. Kohlmeier, President and Chief Executive Officer. The company is bonded, fully licensed and insured.

In prior business affiliations, Mr. Kohlmeier and the employees of Water Systems have accumulated over 75 years of experience and have been personally involved in the drilling of all types of wells throughout the states of Florida, Indiana, and Texas, as well as In Central America, and the Caribbean. Mr. Kohlmeier and the company employees have extensive amount of experience in commercial, monitor, agricultural, public water supply, residential, screen and gravel packed wells, irrigation, hazardous waste, split spoon, core, and injection well drilling, as well as, single and dual packer testing, mechanical integrity testing and well acidization. Mr. Kohlmeier and the company employees are also experienced in many types of drilling procedures including, mud rotary, cable tool, reverse air, straight air, straight water and biodegradable fluids and have worked very closely with city, county, federal and state governments throughout the state of Florida on public water supply wells, rehabilitation of outdated wells and well plugging operations.

Presently we hold the following licenses:

  • Well Drilling State #2352
  • Lee County #1023
  • Collier County #C25043
  • State Drillers registration #D-1370

and others throughout the state of Florida

In an effort to enhance its expanding business line, Water Systems, Inc. is aggressive in it's research efforts to provide the most comprehensive and advanced methods of groundwater well drilling and logging. Water Systems maintains complete in-house facilities for support, repair, maintenance, and calibration of all their equipment. These facilities include an electronic engineering department, machine shop and mechanical repair shop.

15761 Country Court
Fort Myers, FL 33912

Phone: (239) 872.5955